Continuously Trust Zero Webinar

The rise of mobile and cloud and the possibility to work from anywhere, any time on any device led to the need for a new way of securely enable access. Network perimeter centric security no longer fits. We need to shift the perimeter closer to the user. That’s what the Zero Trust architecture has in mind. An important principle is “never trust, always verify” but with without adding friction for the user. Important pillars in Zero Trust are contextual and adaptive access, continuously verify users and devices and apply he principle of least privilege to get access. In this webinar we will discuss how a large company introduces a Zero Trust approach and to what extent. We will discuss how IBM Cloud Identity and IBM Security Access Manager can help organizations to implement the principles of Zero Trust security in their company. We will also discuss how this fit in the CARTA framework.

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Continuously Trust Zero Webinar -TechProspect Continuously Trust Zero Webinar -TechProspect

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