In business, enabling customers and employees to experience a sense of “magic” is the hallmark of a data-driven enterprise.

Though competing on data is necessary to succeed in today’s digital economy, most organizations have just begun the journey. Research from Forbes Insights shows that only 12% of organizations have a comprehensive, enterprise-wide data strategy or have started executing one. Additionally, only 14% feel their enterprise data is ready for robust artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) initiative.

As organizations begin their journey, the role of data in business success is increasingly being recognized, and best practices such as DataOps—an automated, process-oriented methodology to improve data quality and reduce the cycle time of data analytics—are emerging to help process and deliver data-driven insights where and when they’re needed.

“The fear of disruption is driving a commitment to data,” says Wayne Eckerson, president of Eckerson Group, a Boston-based consultancy specializing in data and analytics. “Executives have seen how every industry is now being disrupted by digital upstarts free of brick-and-mortar overhead and enabled by modern data infrastructure and digital sales and marketing channels.”

This report outlines how data can be used strategically and why a “stairway to value” approach where data is ingested, processed, stored and analyzed is the most effective strategy to becoming a data-driven enterprise capable of monetizing its data. To read more, please download this whitepaper…

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