It’s worse than you might think: 79% of IT and business leaders at US and UK law firms say their employees work around IT policies to get their jobs done, according to an IDG study. Legal firms are not unique in this situation; most industries are grappling with employees who, for example, send sensitive documents from personal email accounts, or connect to the corporate server from free Wi-Fi connections in coffee shops.

These actions are not maliciously intended, yet they place the enterprise at a significant risk of compromise. Just one cyberattack or hack can cause crippling downtime, the theft of sensitive data, and damage to brand reputation. However, rather than potentially hindering productivity with more rigid IT policies, companies should deploy systems with thoroughly integrated security to protect users, customers, and the business.

This report examines the results of a recent IDG survey into the security practices at US and UK law firms. It also offers human nature-proof strategies to protect data assets and intellectual property. To read more, please download this whitepaper…

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