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Tape Storage Its a New Game with New Rules

Tape Storage Its a New Game with New Rules2 min

Modern tape storage has become the leading strategic and lowest-cost storage solution for massive amounts of archival and unstructured data. This bodes well for future tape growth as archival data is piling up much faster than it is being analyzed. Hyperscale-lite (HSL) describes large-scale enterprise data centers and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) often representing the next wave of hyperscalers. They face severe problems managing archival data as archives have historically piled up on expensive Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), creating massive energy consumption and infrastructure problems. Over the past decade the magnetic tape industry has successfully re-architected itself, delivering compelling technologies and functionality including cartridge capacity increases, vastly improved bit error rates yielding the highest reliability of any storage device, a media life of 30 years or more, and faster data transfer rates than any previous tape or HDD.


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