Cost savings and efficiency gains have traditionally been the drivers for cloud migration and application modernization. However, more recently,the goals have evolved from reducing costs and driving efficiency gains to increasing business speed, agility,innovation, and performance. Although cloud adoption has progressed, many organizations have jumped into adopting cloud without possessing an effective cloud strategy to get started and efficiently manage their application environments. As a result, they’ve gotten stuck and haven’t been able to capture the benefits they had initially sought. They’ve struggled to find the right application hosting environments for the full range of their application portfolios. Organizations not only have expanded the types of application hosting environments they use to include a mix of on-premise and private and public clouds but also have broadened public cloud usage to include multiple providers. As a result, multi-cloud deployments have become the norm for many organizations.

This IDC whitepaper examines the challenges that organizations with legacy IT and multi-cloud environments face and how IBM’s cloud application migration and modernization services can help organizations establish, cultivate, and nurture a long-standing cloud solution that fosters rapid business innovation and elevates business performance while enabling organizations to fully harness the benefits that modernized applications can offer. To read more, please download this whitepaper…

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