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Cloud in the Crosshairs

How Cyber Criminals Exploit File-Sharing, Identity and Supply Chain Vulnerabilities in Microsoft 365

Cloud in the Crosshairs

In the digital era, Microsoft 365 is an essential tool for getting work done. Unfortunately, its popularity has made it a prime target for cyber criminals. And while Microsoft 365 includes a host of native capabilities to stop cyber attacks, these tools are simply no match for today’s sophisticated attacks.

Every year, people-centric Microsoft 365 attacks cost organizations millions of dollars and cause frustration for security teams and users alike. It has gotten to the point that industry experts, like Gartner, agree that built-in tools for cloud should be augmented with third-party solutions.

The reason built-in tools are no longer enough is simple: cyber criminals have become experts at targeting people. And this makes them increasingly difficult to stop.

Compromising users is usually the first step in a much larger series of events that happen when an organization is breached. Dubbed the “cyber attack chain,” these events start with user compromise and progress to privilege abuse, data theft and more.

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