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Find Your Edge: Comprehensive Solutions for the Telco Edge From Dell Technologies

Find Your Edge Comprehensive solutions for the telco edge from Dell Technologies2 min

The 5G revolution is here, opening the door for benefits that consumers and enterprises previously only dreamed of. 5G networks will offer throughput rates as high as 20 Gbs and latencies as low as 1 ms, drastically increasing the speed at which users can download and receive data. To take advantage of all that 5G offers, telcos must create infrastructures that can support it. Many 5G-enabled services and applications need low latency and high performance. To meet these demands, telcos are looking to redesign their edge network and enable use cases such as virtual Content Delivery Networks (vCDN) and virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN). With these architectures in place, telcos can deliver the promise of 5G to consumers and enterprise customers in a simplified and cost- effective way.

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