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Unleash your AI initiatives with the right infrastructure

Unleashing the Power of AI Initiatives with the Right Infrastructure2 min

Artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning(ML), and deep learning (DL) technologies are expected to permeate day-to-day business as well as customer activity. Industries such as healthcare(advanced diagnosis and treatment), transportation (advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles), and life sciences(rare disease treatment research)are some of the early adopters of AI. The goal for any organization adopting AI/ML/DL is to deliver meaningful insights and predictions that can significantly improve products, processes, or services across industries and use cases. Today, as AI becomes mainstream, many organizations find themselves in the initial proof-of-concept (POC) stage;only a few are in full production. IDC’s2019Artificial Intelligence Global Adoption Trends and Strategies Survey found that 18% of organizations had AI models in production, 16% were in the POC stage, and 15% were experimenting with AI.

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