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The PowerEdge XE8545: Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure for Computing Without Compromise

The PowerEdge XE8545 Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure for Computing Without Compromise2 min

The PowerEdge XE8545 is Dell EMC’s response to the needs of high-performance machine learning customers who immediately want all the innovation and horsepower provided by the latest NVIDIA GPU technology, without the need to make major cooling- related changes to their data center. Its specifically air-cooled design provides delivery of four A100 40GB/400W GPUs with a low-latency, switchless SMX4 NVLink interconnect, while letting the data center maintain an energy efficient 35°C. It also has an 80GB/500W GPU option that has been shown to deliver 13-15% higher performance than 400W GPUs at only a slightly lower ambient input temperature (28°C).


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