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More than a Buzzword: How to Deliver on the Promise of Machine Learning

In this webinar we will discuss how you can get actual value from machine learning in real world cloud security deployments. We will cover:

  • Telemetry – The three Vs of Big Data calls for volume, velocity, and variety. In order to be successful in your machine learning program you need to cover all three. Learn how you can optimize your data for machine learning.
  • Rules – In cloud security, machine learning typically uses anomaly detection to surface behaviors outside of whats normal. But what if normal behavior is risky? Or anomalous behavior isnt a breach? Learn how to leverage rules to identify both known and unknown threats.
  • Human Expertise – Machine learning excels at adding context to observations but the complex and ephemeral nature of cloud workloads requires human expertise. Learn how to merge human expertise and machine learning analysis to create a real human-machine feedback loop.

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