AI and the NHS Long Term Plan

Artificial intelligence (AI) is firmly embedded in modern life. It is in our homes in the form of personal digital assistants, helping detect fraud in our banking systems, identifying inappropriate content on our social media feeds. As prevalent as it may already feel, however, AI is still very much in its infancy. In Europe, healthcare has been slower to adopt AI than other sectors, but the UK is leading the way, with a third of European AI health start-ups founded here. So, while it is not yet commonplace to see AI solutions in UK healthcare settings, AI adoption is rapidly gathering pace. In November 2018, the UK government announced £50 million funding injection into AI in healthcare and the NHS has shown increased agency in this area. AI and other digital solutions were prevalent in the Long Term Plan, which set out a strategy for the next 10 years, outlining technology as a key medium of change. The paper described a “redesign of patient care to future-proof the NHS for the decade ahead”. AI was centre stage in the Chief Medical Officer’s 2018 annual report, too, which looked further into the future, taking “an aspirational view of what health could and should look like in 2040”. Please download this whitepaper to read more.

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