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6 Findings from the 2021 State of DevOps Report

6 Findings from the 2021 State of DevOps Report min

This webinar, featuring Google’s Developer Relations Engineer Nathen Harvey and PagerDuty’s DevOps Advocate Mandi Walls, will walk through the key findings from the 2021 State of DevOps Report covering topics such as:

  • Trends around cloud migration, DevOps and SRE
  • Shifting left on reliability and security for better business outcomes
  • What makes for good documentation
  • Implications of team culture on the very real state of burnout across the industry
  • Why focusing on your people to make them feel supported and included should be a top priority for any organization

To learn more please watch this full on-demand webinar.

The State of DevOps Report been investigating the practices, processes, and culture underpinning DevOps for the last 7 years and this year’s report, compiled from 32,000 survey responses, reflected on a year of pandemic and shifting priorities in response to hybrid work and sky high pressure on technical teams.

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