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2020 State of Unplanned Work Report EMEA


2020 State of Unplanned Work Report EMEA -TechProspect 2020 State of Unplanned Work Report EMEA -TechProspect

This paper focuses on a research survey administered to the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, with participants from more than 35 countries. A total of 502 participants responsible for technology issue resolution completed the survey about their company’s practices and challenges when mitigating technology issues. Individuals surveyed included executives, managers, and front-line responders. The survey focused on identifying current practices and challenges of responding to customer-impacting technology issues. Additionally, the research sought to understand the effects of unplanned work that results from these major technology issues. Specifically, the survey examined how unplanned work impacts digital operations across a number of business and health factors, such as productivity, innovation, customer experience, and employee well-being and retention. To learn more please download this whitepaper…


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Dev Pise 2020 State of Unplanned Work Report EMEA -TechProspect
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