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Office 365 Backup the Enterprise and You

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Office 365 Backup the Enterprise and You -TechProspect Office 365 Backup the Enterprise and You -TechProspect

It seems like everyone is using at least one SaaS platform—Office 365 among them—which is why backup and data protection policies must evolve in lockstep to properly safeguard these SaaS-based 0365 workloads. This is easier said than done, however, as confusion often arises around where the enterprise admin’s recovery responsibilities begin versus those of Microsoft’s, and how to properly enforce protection. That’s why we’ve stocked this guide with the must-haves for effective 0365 protection, backup, and recovery. Inside, our experts tackle common 0365 backup issues enterprises confront, how to create effective policy, and proven best practices, among other topics.

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Dev Pise Office 365 Backup the Enterprise and You -TechProspect
Dev Pise
Dev is CEO of HelloProspect, He has 7+ years of experience in generating high potential leads, creating demand & qualified sales opportunities. He has worked with a numerous B2B media & marketing agencies to reach out the target audiences, help syndicate content, engage, nurture & qualify new marketing / sales possibilities. He creats new business opportunities and manages a team of 100+ amazingly passionate & experienced resources.

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