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Three Lies you’ve Heard about Threat Hunting

The term “Threat Hunting” doesn’t deserve to be placed on the security buzzword bingo board alongside terms like “artificial intelligence,” “real time,” and “next-gen,” to name a few. Unfortunately, its meaning has been co-opted and corrupted by marketers, making it difficult for those looking to add Threat Hunting capabilities to their security program to really understand what they should be looking for.

In this session, Mat Gangwer, Director of Managed Threat Response, breaks down the three biggest lies being told to sell Threat Hunting as a service. Featuring real-world examples of what really goes into a Threat Hunt, this session will set the record straight and prove that—despite the marketing hype—the concepts, process, and strategies associated with Threat Hunting are critical to any successful security program.


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Three Lies youve Heard about Threat Hunting min

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