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2020 Threat Report by Cylance Blackberry


2020 Threat Report by Cylance Blackberry -TechProspect 2020 Threat Report by Cylance Blackberry -TechProspect

The BlackBerry® Cylance® 2020 Threat Report contains a broad range of topics vital to the interests of businesses, governments, and end-users. It delivers the combined security insights of BlackBerry, a trailblazer in the Internet of things (IoT) and mobile security, and Cylance, an early pioneer of AI-driven cybersecurity and endpoint security market disruptor, which was purchased by BlackBerry in February 2019. As always, this report represents our piece of the overall security puzzle. Our goal is to make security information, predictions, and lessons learned accessible to everyone, regardless of role or title. The 2020 Threat Report examines 2019’s major security breaches and considers recent advancements that may prevent past mistakes from repeating. We provide a deep dive into current cybersecurity issues with an eye toward not merely chronicling what happened, but also analyzing the conditions that allowed for those events. We sincerely hope the information contained in this report will enable readers to be more proactive and well informed in their efforts to combat the onslaught of threats that will surely be unveiled in the new year — and over the course of the next decade. To read more please download this report…

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Dev Pise 2020 Threat Report by Cylance Blackberry -TechProspect
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