The Value of High-performance Ethernet-based WANs to Enterprises

The Value of High performance Ethernet based WANs to Enterprises2 1

Your business network is under pressure to support bandwidth-intensive applications. The continued proliferation of data and video applications, IP voice and unified communications, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in the enterprise WAN is driving the need for high-speed bandwidth. According to the Cisco Virtual Networking Index (VNI), U.S. business IP WAN traffic will reach 2.0 EB per month by 2022, the equivalent of 489 million DVDs per month or 669,867 DVDs per hour.1 In addition, more of those high-bandwidth applications are traveling farther to get to your users, thanks to the rise of hybrid cloud and IT models (on-premises enterprise data center, public cloud, private cloud, Software as a Service). To cope with the traffic onslaught and ensure optimal performance of all your business applications, your organization will need a high-performance WAN. Private network services such as Ethernet services offer scalable bandwidth, predictable end-to-end performance guarantees, and superior network and routing control, which can help your organization embrace new technology trends in your digital transformation journey.

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