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SASE: A Changing World Calls for a Different Kind of Network

SASE A Changing World Calls for a Different Kind of Network2 min

The past 12 months have seen change accelerate at a historically fast pace. What would usu-ally take many years happened almost overnight. The global COVID-19 pandemic hit businesses hard, with workers chased out of their offices and into their homes. The ZK Research Work-from-Anywhere Study documented the drastic change in where people work. Before the outbreak, about 22% of employees worked remotely (Exhibit 1). That figure jumped to 53% immediately after the pandemic started and dipped to 46% as restrictions eased. The study showed that about 42% of office workers will continue to work remotely even after their companies clear them to return to the workplace. In addition, 40% of office workers—nearly double the pre-pandemic levels—will maintain their working-from-home capabilities into the future.


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