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Rapid Disaster Response for Floods

How the Insurance Industry Can Improve Its Response to NatCat Events Using Near Real-time Observation Data From Sar Satellites

Rapid Disaster Response for Floods

Responding rapidly and effectively to major natural disasters is crucial to property insurers. Whether in the aftermath of a hurricane in Florida or riverine flooding in Europe or Australia, rapid assessment of the situation, effective communication and efficient allocation of resources play a critical part in processing claims efficiently, managing stakeholder expectations and helping to get communities and businesses get back on their feet as rapidly as possible. In this eBook, we look at opportunities to radically enhance event response in the context of the increasing frequency and severity of natural catastrophe events. We use ICEYE’s experience of delivering near real-time insight into floods as a case study. We describe how such insights can be put to operational use by the insurance industry and emergency response agencies and highlight three specific use cases.

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