A classic illustration of this would be the market competition witnessed by multiple generations between the global brands of Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Each of them has relied on media intelligence and rigorous market research to study the other company’s strengths and weaknesses. This competitor analysis has driven major changes from each company with regard to product development, brand marketing and consumer advertising.

The purpose of this eBook is to explain how media intelligence can be a powerful tool for competitor analysis and to offer practical insights to professional communicators for how they can put media intelligence to work in their organizations. Sun Tzu might not have enjoyed access to media intelligence in 506 B.C., but he certainly would have approved of using any information obtainable to better understand your competitor and anticipate their moves in order to gain an upper hand.

Sun Tzu laid out three key principles for victory:

  • Prepare thoroughly
  • Contemplate potential courses of action carefully
  • Execute plans with realistic possibility of success

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