Big data is a big deal. More than half of enterprises globally view big data as an opportunity, and plan to increase their investments in big data in the next few years. But big data’s value doesn’t come from the collection of information; that’s just the starting point. The real value of big data comes from your ability to combine and analyze it – no matter how much you have, in any number of sources – to uncover new insights that drive business value. Today’s big data analytic solutions are making that possible in two ways: first, by offering out-of-the-box, end-to-end solutions for managing your data across a wide spectrum of use cases; and second, by lowering the barrier to entry with user-friendly solutions. That’s exactly what Qlik® and Cloudera provide for your business. With this powerful partnership, you’ll have the technology you need to transform your data into big insights – and accelerate ROI. To Read More Please Download This Whitepaper

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