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Safeguarding Saas With Cloud-to-cloud Data Protection

How Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) protects critical SaaS data – with ease

Safeguarding Saas With Cloud to cloud Data Protection2 min

As companies look to increase user productivity, lower expenditures, and simplify how they deploy and maintain solutions, it’s no surprise that SaaS app adoption is one of the fastest- growing company initiatives. And while SaaS apps were once considered point or niche solutions, new remote workforce models and digital transformation have pushed these cloud- delivered solutions into every aspect of today’s modern businesses. In fact, Gartner estimates SaaS market to reach $117 billion in 2021.1 From CRMs (like Salesforce), to productivity apps (like Office 365), to critical business applications (like Microsoft Dynamics 365), organizations rely heavily on SaaS solutions to drive efficiencies, cost savings and performance – which help instill resiliency and avoid disruptions in today’s volatile landscape.

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