OpenSystems-The Definitive Guide to SD-WAN


As digital disruption has led businesses to re-evaluate and reimagine almost every aspect of their operations, many have found that their traditional wide-area network (WAN) “pipes” just aren’t keeping up. Your business needs more bandwidth and network performance to power technologies like cloud-based applications and storage, connected smart devices, and video conferencing. At the same time, you must keep data highly secure and employ constant threat monitoring to protect your business from disruption. You need agility as you open more branches, scale your workforce up or down, and implement new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT).

Your organization has a few options. You can continue business as usual, but it’s likely bandwidth issues will multiply as technology needs grow more complex. Your IT team can do it themselves, but that necessitates shipping out multiple appliances (ISP routers, switches, IDS/IPS, secure web gateway, firewall, WAN optimization) to each of your locations, implementing multiple products to patch together the security you need—and hoping that local IT staff can manage everything.

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