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Hyperscale Storage TCO: Why HDDs Dominate Cloud Architecture

Hyperscale Storage TCO Why HDDs Dominate Cloud Architecture2 min

The big public cloud service providers (CSPs) have dominated an era of mobile-cloud centralized architecture. As the leading supplier of exabytes to the world’s top public CSPs, Seagate has unique insights into hyperscale storage architectures and demand trajectories. HDDs currently dominate the cloud exabyte market—offering the lowest cost per terabyte based on a combination of factors including price, cost, capacity, power, performance, reliability, and data retention. SSDs, with their performance and latency metrics, provide an appropriate value proposition for performance-sensitive, highly transactional workloads closer to compute nodes. HDDs represent the predominant storage for cloud data centers because they provide the best TCO for the vast majority of cloud workloads.


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