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ERP Systems: Cloud vs. Hybrid vs On-Prem

ERP Systems Cloud vs Hybrid vs On Prem2

If you’ve been paying attention to major ERP vendors, you’ve probably heard more than once that your business should move to a cloud ERP system. There are plenty of reasons why migrating to a cloud ERP system could make sense, such as integrating with AI and IoT-based capabilities that your competitors will be using. But making the decision is not a slam dunk. A cloud migration can be disruptive and could cost you more in the long run, when you factor in monthly subscription costs. In this guide, our editorial team explores how companies are approaching this dilemma, with insights from real business leaders, as well as statistics on cloud ERP usage from our members like you. As a bonus, we’ve added an in-depth vendor comparison at the end that looks at 6 leading competitors and their features.

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