Building Cloud-Native Applications in a Hybrid Multicloud World

Building Cloud-Native Applications in a Hybrid Multicloud World -TechProspect

In today’s modern enterprise, optimizing the application cycle is critical. It can help companies keep up with consumer expectations, keep business operations agile, and speed the pace of innovation. Companies that focus on innovating their customer experience are quick to see the value of adopting the cloud-native development model. There are both app-specific and deployment-related motivations for adopting cloud-native development.  Enterprises looking to transform their applications are the ones that look at cloud-native for development and deployment of their most critical workloads. They are typically businesses that are already on a digital journey and need “scale” and new business model–led engagements in growth markets (IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence [AI], Big Data,etc.) or businesses with significant legacy technology footprints like IBM Mainframe.

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