My team and I wanted to better understand blue collar gig workers:

What motivates them? What challenges do they face? What do they ultimately want out of work? We wanted answers that would advance our goal of helping workers find quality jobs and helping businesses find quality workers.

So, we surveyed about 1,971 blue collar workers in the U.S. – 800 who already use Wonolo and about 1,100 who are likely to use platforms like Wonolo to find work. We use the phrase “blue collar worker” pragmatically because most of the jobs found on Wonolo are far from a desk; and we use it proudly because too often these workers, and their intense professionalism, go unnoticed. We believe blue collar workers are the most deserving, most in-demand group of workers in today’s economy.

We are proud to be a company that serves in-demand blue collar workers and look forward to continuing to help provide them with access to quality jobs. You can expect more worker-first changes to Wonolo in the year ahead. We are thankful for everyone who chooses Wonolo and dedicate ourselves to continuing to set a high bar as we grow. To read more, please download this whitepaper…

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