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Navigating the FCC Rural Health Care Program

Guidance for funding and selecting essential connectivity solutions

The Resiliency of Small and Rural Hospital IT Teams2 min

Quality healthcare empowers entire communities to live more fully. With it, there’s peace of mind that children and families can stay healthy and strong. It gives elderly residents hope for brighter tomorrows. And more than just receiving care, it’s the reassurance that someone cares about community members’ well-being, healing and future. But for millions of people in rural areas, high-quality healthcare services are out of reach. Lack of specialized treatment facilities — even limited access to primary medicine — means rural patients may have to travel long distances, wait months for appointments or forgo care. Digital connectivity at health facilities has the power to transform experiences for these patients. When healthcare providers have advanced connectivity networks, rural populations have the hope of life-saving care from skilled providers, anywhere in the world. It gives health systems a way to meet provider and budget shortfalls head on. And it can help clinicians engage and educate patients by making personalized health information available electronically.

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