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Les bases de la gestion du cycle de vie des contrats

Les bases de la gestion du cycle de vie des contrats2 min

They define the amount of revenue that a business can generate for a service or product by formally establishing the buyer, seller, the object of the sale and its price, the time period involved, as well as the conditions. In case of problem. As long as the terms of service of the contract are met, the party providing the service or product will receive income as such. However, no agreement can be reached if both parties have not signed the contract and agreed to the conditions relating to it. This step takes place during the contracting process, when the contract is generated and the terms of the contract are negotiated and then approved by both parties before it is signed. The longer it takes to get a contract signed, the longer we delay getting the revenue from that deal. According to the DocuSign CLM Contract Management Status Report, nearly 50% of sales professionals surveyed said the contracting process takes more than a month.

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