How to Meet the Needs of an Always-on Workforce

How to Meet the Needs of an Always on Workforce2 min

Collaboration between employees is a critical factor to success for any business. As more business workflows and operations go digital, organizations need to adapt to new kinds of workplace dynamics. Cloud-based collaboration solutions are key to transforming the way that employees communicate — empowering them to work in completely new ways. To gain a sense of how collaboration can drive business productivity in the digital era, we invite you to meet Helen, the head of customer service for a maker of automated factory equipment. While Helen is working hard to give her company an edge, she can’t do it alone. Collaboration tools enable her to leverage the knowledge and skills of her co-workers, expanding the possibilities of how she works together with colleagues. While visiting a customer’s factory, Helen spots a performance issue that might soon result in a warranty claim. As head of customer service, she uses the presence capabilities of unified communications to check the factory supervisor Steve’s availability. Once his availability is confirmed, Helen instant messages Steve to explain her concern and presents a diagram via desktop sharing to illustrate her problem. To drive home her point, she launches a video call with Steve so he can see for himself how the performance issue is affecting the operation of the assembly line, enabling him to instantly begin fixing the problem.

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