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Experience Disrupted: Is Covid-19 Continuing to Change Customer Behaviour?


Experience Disrupted Is Covid 19 Continuing to Change Customer Behaviour2 min

As COVID-19 vaccines continue to be rolled out worldwide, signalling a potential end to tough restrictions, SAS aimed to discover whether these trends had continued and if the impact on customer behaviour was lasting. In this latest study conducted during February 2021 the facts speak for themselves. Four-fifths (80%) of customers feel their customer experience has improved since the pandemic started. The number of new digital users has continued to grow, rising from an increase of 15% to 17%. As for how permanent these changes are, only three in 10 people plan to revert back to the same pre-pandemic shopping habits. This research and the survey from 2020 confirm one thing: the pandemic has created a new type of customer. Compared to the customer that went into the pandemic, the customer of today is more digital than ever before.

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