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The evasive ‘speed’ of your Internet

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The evasive ‘speed’ of your Internet

Purchasing an intangible product or service naturally puts buyers on high alert to protect their interests. Such can be the case with a nebulous service like Internet connectivity. Unlike buying a car that you can look at, touch, and drive, connectivity is invisible and cannot be physically scrutinized to assess its value.

So, when you buy 10 gigs, for example, what is it you are really buying? In a typical description, you’ll hear terms like “bandwidth” and “speed” tossed about interchangeably, and “throughput” may not be discussed at all. What do you really need to know when assessing connectivity?

The right decision can make all the difference when it comes to downloading large files and transmitting time-sensitive data. To meet your business’ Internet connectivity needs, you must understand what 10 gigs really means and what affects your Internet connection.

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