Over the last decade, cloud computing has changed direction from becoming just another tech trend to establishing itself as a key component of any organization’s IT strategy. Cloud computing not only brings a whole new level of autonomy and functionality for organizations, but it also brings to the organization a higher level of agility, performance, productivity and scalability; it enables the organization to differentiate its offerings and compete more effectively in the marketplace.

The cloud journey today is well past the initial adoption phase. The question for most organizations is not “What if we move to cloud?”but “What cloud?”and “When?”And then the organization must ensure that the strategy it embarks on achieves its business goals. That said, replacing your IT infrastructure with a cloud-first approach, or even integrating both approaches, on premises and in the cloud,can be a daunting task. Organizations often need the most help in transforming their operations and applications to be more automated, digital and agile.

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